Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's a Woot-Off!

Woot! is having a Woot-Off today.

They usually sell one item per day, however, when there's a Woot-Off going on, they sell a bunch of things really fast, one item at a time. A Woot-Off can last up to 72 hours.

You can set an alarm on your computer to sound when the next item comes up for sale (die-hard wooters will not leave their computers in anticipation of missing a deal; see wootalyzer.com or mywoot.net)!

Usually, the famous Bag Of Crap will be sold during a Woot-Off. You get a box of random things which have been thrown in together. Some BOC buyers receive boxes of junk, some get boxes containing things like a Roomba, you just never know...

Be careful, Woot! can be addicting.

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