Monday, December 22, 2008

Outlet Mall Savings

When you're shopping at an outlet mall, stop by the mall office and ask if they have coupons.

This week at the Tuscola Outlet Mall, I bought their book of coupons for $3.00 and saved over $18.00 at Rue 21 alone, just by using the coupon, in addition to their discounted prices.

On the same purchase, I earned 4 discount cards of $20 off a $40 purchase after Christmas. (Oh dang, now I have to go back!)

I also saved an extra 10% on my purchase at Koret by signing up for their mailing list. Everything in the store was already 30% off the sale prices, which made my purchase of $164, only $51.64. That was a pretty good score for Grandma, as I was shopping for her Christmas gifts there! ;~}

And FYI, the last time I was at that particular mall, it seemed to be dying. This trip, I was pleasantly surprised to find it nicely revitalized, with fewer empty stores.

Sadly, Mike would not let me go to the Coach store, so I'm guessing the shelves are still full of buttery purses crying out to be rescued... sniff...

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