Friday, January 9, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Kohl's We Go!

Once upon a time, I purchased 12 $5.00 Kohl's coupons on Ebay and I think I paid $2.89 for the lot. You could only use one coupon per purchase, but you only had to buy $5.00 worth of stuff, including clearance items, to use each coupon.

So one Friday night, my husband, one daughter and I went to Kohl's armed with our coupons. The plan was to find REALLY CHEAP stuff, use the coupons, pay as little money as possible, and bring home as much as we could. It was a blast!

We spent exactly $10.00 cash on 8 items that had originally been priced nearly $300! The best buy was a 3 piece infant outfit for which I paid 22 cents. Talk about a cheap (but really nice) gift!

Thanks to Mary, I have been reminded that you may sign up for Kohl's mailing list and receive a FREE $5.00 PRINTABLE COUPON (just like what I'd purchased) and a discount for 10% off your next online order.

Here's the catch... You only have to enter your email address when you sign up. No name, no mailing address, nuttin' else. So if you have multiple email accounts, register them all! You can always unsubscribe when you receive your first email, after you've printed off your coupon.

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