Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best Deal EVER on The Ex

Ok, I've wanted one of these for a long time, mostly because I have a twisted, sick sense of humor; partly because I've never owned a complete knife set and holder.

I have seen them in catalogs for the list price of $159, but there's no way I would pay that much for one!

But I would pay $35.75 for one... And I did! ;~}

On sale at for $62.99, less my 10% coupon plus the credit balance I have on my PayPal account, which is what's left from my eBates rebate check, brought the total to $35.75. (eBates would not work with this coupon, dang-it!)

And in case you're wondering, I spent the first part of my eBates check on 20 more $5.00 Kohl's coupons ($2.31) and a Bare Escentuals blush ($4.99 + $2.99 s/h), both from ebay, using eBates.

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