Thursday, March 5, 2009

magic Jack

You can get rid of your land line completely with magic Jack!

You get a 30 day free trial. If you decide to keep it, you will be charged $39.95 for the licensing fee. Then you pay a licensing fee of $19.95 a year every year you continue service.

Three downfalls I see with this:

1. When the electricity is out, your phone service will also be out; however, most of us have cell phones.

2. There is no area code available closer than St. Louis at this point; however, it will only affect those who are calling you, as your calls will all be free.

3. I got one, but it takes up more room to plug it in than is available on the back side of our new computer as it is wider than a normal cable.

Ok, four things.

4. You have to register with 911 so they will be able to find you should you need to call them with your magic Jack phone number.

Really, five things.

5. You'll get a new phone number and it won't be in the phone book.

Still, I think it's awesome to get rid of my 12 $40 + payments a year to Consolidated Communications in exchange for one payment of $39.95 to magic Jack!

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