Tuesday, August 4, 2009

InternetSafety.com offer via Dave Ramsey

From the latest newsletter from Dave Ramsey:

Navigating the internet without stumbling upon anything shady can be tough—and it can be even more difficult to protect your children from questionable material. A new statistic shows the fastest growing group of internet users is children ages 2–11. The internet is a great resource, but it's our responsibility to steer our children toward the good areas and away from the bad ones.

"Typosquatting" makes this especially challenging. That's when a marketer buys a domain name that has a slight misspelling of a popular site in order to trick internet users into visiting sites they had no intention of visiting. And unfortunately, many "typosquatters" are pornographers who specifically target children.

Thankfully, there are companies out there that can help protect our kids' eyes and innocence. Dave endorses InternetSafety.com's Safe Eyes software. It not only blocks inappropriate sites but also monitors instant messenger chats and selectively blocks YouTube content video by video.

InternetSafety.com is offering a special for all FPU coordinators. Their service is normally $49.95 per year, but as a coordinator, you can get your first year for $29.95. You can also pass this offer on to your FPU class members.
Visit internetsafety.com to take advantage of the special, and enter the promo code "FPU."

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